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Question:  are you eligible to receive a SC Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP)?  Per SLED’s SC CWP application form, you must answer “yes” to the following three (3) questions:

  1. Are you a South Carolina resident or qualified non-resident (Section 23-31-210, S.C. Code of Laws)?
  2. Are you allowed by all applicable federal/state laws and court orders to possess a handgun?  To check this criteria, reference ATF Form 4473.  Generally, if you answer “yes” to any of the questions 11.b – 12 on form 4473, you are prohibited from receiving or possessing a firearm and therefore not eligible to receive a SC CWP.  Refer to pages 4 & 5 for Notices, Instructions & Definitions.
  3. Have you successfully completed the required training (Section 23-31-210, S.C. Code of Laws)?  This is where I can assist.  See below for course information.


Pricing – Individual: $80.00.  If you organize are a party of 2 to 4 – $60.00/each (not including lunch and/or ammunition)

My combined Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) and Basic Pistol class includes the eleven* essential subjects required by state law for the South Carolina CWP program.  The state requires every student to complete a checklist during the class that documents you have successfully completed a certified SC CWP training class, finishing with a working understanding of the eleven* essential subjects.  I will guide you through the process and each step of the student checklist.  My small class approach provides for a relaxed and comfortable setting, delivering a personalized experience.  The subjects required by SLED include:

Legal Aspects of the South Carolina CWP
1.  Statutory and case law regarding deadly force
2.  SC laws governing firearms & concealed weapons permits
3.  Proper firearms storage practices that deny access to children
4.  Prohibited carry locations
5.  Liability and responsibility issues relating to firearms
6.  Proper interaction with Law Enforcement Officers

Firearms Safety and Operation
7.  The four cardinal firearms safety rules (see below)
8.  Handgun safety, manipulation, and operation
9.  Basic handgun marksmanship
10.  Proper concealment techniques and drawing from concealment
11.  Proficiency/Qualification on the range with the instructor *

Open Carry with Training Act (H.3094) – Required as of 08/15/21
12. Properly securing a firearm in a holster
13.  ‘Cocked and locked’ carrying of a firearm
14.  How to respond to a person who attempts to take your firearm from your holster
15.  De-escalation techniques and strategies

* The qualification is not required for persons exempt according to Section 23-31-210(4) of the SC Code of Laws.  For a list of exempted persons, you may can check SLED’s list of CWP Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Basic Pistol elements of this class will give you a greater depth of knowledge, skill, and attitude so that you leave with much more than simply a completed CWP application and checklist.

Basic Pistol
1.  Gun safety, safe gun handling, child safety, and safe gun storage
2.  Pistol knowledge
3.  Ammunition knowledge
4.  Fundamentals of pistol shooting
5.  Handgun shooting positions
6.  How to shoot effectively
7.  Handgun cleaning and maintenance

Every aspect of this Concealed Weapons Permit and Basic Pistol class is packed with instruction, information, and training.  The class is enhanced with useful demonstrations, handouts, and materials.  The overall course is expected to last 6 to 7 hours total, depending upon the class size and participant experience.

Course attendees must be at least 18 years old, and not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm.  As of H.3594 signed into law on 03/07/24, you must be 18 to submit a CWP application to SLED.


Lunch Please pack a lunch or plan on ordering a delivery from Dominos.

Pistol, Holster & Belt For the firearms qualification portion of the course, your own pistol with two magazines is suggested, but not required.  It must be a fully functioning and well maintained semi-automatic or double action revolver.  No single action revolvers are permitted.  This is safety issue.  NO FIREARMS ARE ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM UNLESS FIRST AUTHORIZED BY THE INSTRUCTOR.  FIREARMS BROUGHT TO THE FIRING RANGE MUST BE UNLOADED AND CASED OR HOLSTERED.  NO AMMUNITION OR LOADED GUNS IN CLASS BY ANYONE.

If you need to borrow a pistol, for a small fee I can provide you with a pistol, holster and ammunition.  If borrowing a pistol, you must use my ammunition.  Call me at (803) 917-5343 for options.

As part of the required CWP Proficiency/Qualification Course, SLED requires that you fire from a holster.  For safety reasons, you must use a Outside the Waistband (OWB) holster with a suitable and sturdy belt.  No Inside-the-Waistband (IWB), cross draw, small of the back, belly bands, shoulder holsters, ankle, or purses whether designed for conceal carry or not.

Ammunition A minimum of 25 rounds of NEW target grade ammunition for your firearm is required. No RELOADS.  I recommend you bring more than the minimum 25 rounds, if you would like extra practice.

Ear & Eye Protection and ClothingBring good hearing protection and good vision protection, and always wear them when anyone is shooting on the range.  Please dress weather appropriate on class day and bring appropriate outerwear during colder weather. Open-toed shoes and low cut necklines are not allowed on the firing line for males or females.  Please wear a shirt where the neckline touches your collar bone.  A ball cap or visor is recommended.

REGISTRATION Completing my CWP student application form in advance helps me prepare the SLED paperwork and finger print cards in advance of the class, which helps to reduce the overall class time.  This is particularly true when I have more than two students in a class.  You can download the PDF version and complete and return it to me via email at mail.edjean(at)

  CWP – Student Application

  CWP – Course Information Sheet

  Release, Waiver, Indemnification, Hold Harmless and Assumption of Risk Agreement

When completing the CWP Student Application, please use one of the following codes for Race, Sex, Eye Color & Hair Color:

A = Asian
B = Black
W = White
I = American Indian
U = Unknown

M = Male
F = Female

Eye Color
BRO = Brown
BLU = Blue
GRN = Green
HAZ = Hazel
MUL = Multi-Colored

Hair Color
BAL = Bald
BLK = Black
BRO = Brown
BLN = Blonde (or strawberry)
GRY = Gray (or partially gray)
RED = Red (or auburn)