Testing Hornady’s Superformance Match 223 Rem – 75 gr BTHP

See results from A2520 powder:  24.4 gr – Avg 2642, ES 32, SD 12, Group 5/8”
See results from TAC powder:  24.1 gr – Avg 2643, ES 68, SD 22, Group 5/8” to 1”
See results from BL-C(2) powder:  23.5 gr – Avg 2408, ES 43, SD 15, Grp 3/4”
See results from CFE223 powder:  23.5 gr – Avg 2429, ES-65, SD-27, Group 1”

I ran some test comparisons today (04/07/19) using Hornady’s Superformance Match 223 Rem with 75 gr BTHP bullets (P/N 80264). Conditions were cloudy and 68 deg F.

It is advertised as 2930 fps at the muzzle, and I am assuming that this is a 24” barrel. My 5 shot average from a 16” suppressed barrel with 1:7” twist was 2636 fps with ES 42 & SD 16. With the Red Dot I only managed a 2” group at 50 yds. But with a scope I brought it down to 1.25”. The advertised muzzle velocity was 294 fps faster than my average. Assuming a 24″ barrel this would be about 37 fps/inch.

Hornady’s website says “Topped with the finest bullets, Superformance® Match™ ammunition marries the very best cartridge cases with extremely stable propellants. These propellants are custom blended for each individual load to provide true ammunition performance enhancement.”

So what commercially available powder most closely matches this “custom blend”?