Pistol Bench

Homemade Benchrest for Pistol Shooting

The seat is set at 18” above the ground and can slide back and forth for adjustment.  It can also be shimmed to add 1”+.  The bench is 14” x 18” and can be adjusted from 32”- 38” above the ground.  It only weights about 28 lbs.

I used one 2x6x8, two 2x4x8, and two small pieces of 5/8” plywood (bench 14” x 18” and seat 11.5” square, cut like a stop sign).  It’s held together with 2” and 3” drywall screws, Blue Hawk Sawhorse Brackets ($7) and two 3/8″ x 5″ machine bolts with washers and wing nuts ($5).

If I had to buy all the materials, I would estimate $50-60 total cost.

A few improvements from the original build:

I originally drilled the bench for three elevations (32” – 34” – 36”).  Then I converted it to slots so the bolts could be just loosened in lieu of sliding out. Then later, I staggered the bolts by 2” and lengthened the slots again. This allows an adjustment up to 38”, and the staggered bolts better stabilize the bench from front to rear.

Also, the seat slid off too easily.   So I installed a ¼” x 4” carriage bolt through the top of the seat with lock nut.  There are two holes drilled in the frame to provide for two seat positions.   And I can still install the elevation shims.