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What I Can Do for You

My services are very affordable.  And to keep it that way, I prefer to keep things simple.  I do not do this to make a living, but as a source of extra income.

I have a range of options to suit most requirements and budgets that stretch from the most simple sites to more moderately complex sites.

Starter Site Service

If you simply require a single page "advertisement site" then my Starter Site option would be the choice for you.  A very basic single page website will cost between $50 - $75.

Standard Site Service

If you need a few more pages (2-5 total) in your website but have a tight budget then I'd suggest looking at the Standard Site option.  Using the basic layout of another site I have created helps keep the cost down as well.  The Standard Site will range from $150 - $250.

Custom Site Design

For those clients who would like a website tailored exactly to their needs, then the best choice would be a Custom Website Design.  Depending upon the complexity and size of a custom site, the cost may exceed $250.


The cost for me to design your website is exclusive of hosting it.  In most cases, I can add your website to my host account for $20 per year.  But if you prefer to have your own hosting account (i.e. GoDaddy.com), this is easily done.  In this case, you would purchase your own hosting account, and I would have FTP access to upload the website to the host server.

I would highly recommend the following:

http://www.powweb.com/  (www.intfinancial.com)

http://www.bizland.com/   (www.acebasketball.com)


I use GoDaddy because it is affordable and best suits my needs.  However, I will say that GoDaddy's E-mail service is not the best.  I personally use Gmail because it is free, reliable and very easy to use.  Gmail is easily integrated into Mozilla Thunderbird, which is a free E-mail application (much like Outlook Express).

Domain Names

If you decide to register your own domain name, I will assist you at no cost.  However, if you request me to register your domain name for you, I will provide this service at a cost of $10 per year in addition to the annual cost for the name itself.