WebsByEd - EdJean.com

Cost Effective Websites

If your objective is to have a basic web presence, then I have your solution.  WebsByEd creates and maintains professional, affordable websites for:

  • Small to medium businesses
  • Community groups and organizations
  • Professionals, politicians and personal

Although it is important to have a web presence these days, it's not always vital to have a large and complex website.  In fact, the vast majority of small to medium businesses, organizations and professionals only require 1-5 pages to effectively convey their message.  My website is a prime example of this concept.

And, in addition to conveying your services/message and contact information, a website can also be used as an online business card.  After all, is it not easier to remember a simple website name then it is a phone number?  I simply say, "Go to EdJean.com"

If you need help developing and maintaining your web presence, and do not have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend, then please allow me the opportunity to help you out.